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I am delighted to welcome Angela Richardson, author of Murder in Little Sheldon, my blog this evening.


Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I was born and brought up in England, South London Wimbledon actually, where they play the tennis champion ships. The late and great British composer Clive Richardson, was my father, so music and art, sculpting and writing I think I inherited from my famous father.  I studied acting at LAMDA, was on the stage for three years, then in l962, I came to America. I love horses, dogs (I have three) painting and sketching in my cute little house in the mountains of East Tennessee.


What was your favourite book from childhood?IMG_1855

The favourite book from childhood days was ‘Jane Eyre’ – I read it over and over captivated by this story which had everything in it.  Great romance, sadness, tension and mystery, humour and pathos – it all resonated with me, and I was probably 10 years old when first I read it.  I was also madly in love with Mr. Rochester!


What type of books did you read as a teenager?

As a teenager I loved books about travels in Africa, wild animals, and books on horses.  I remember a favourite of mine was ‘Leopard in my Lap’ written by the Dennises – the title caught my imagination and the stories of their travels I found fascinating. I also loved Baroness Orczy’s ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’ and read all of those.  Secretly wishing I could be Lady Blakeney!


 IMG_1856When you were at school what was your favourite book you studied?

I was at boarding school in England (they were generally considered to be the best schools) and studied ‘Gulliver’s Travels’  ‘Silas Marner’, and most of the old classics.  My favourite was ‘Moby Dick.’


 What is your favourite classic book?

Favourite classic book was ‘Pride and Prejudice, without a doubt.


What would you consider to be one of the best books you have written over the last 5 years?

A book that I have written?  Is that what you mean? My first children’s book, ‘Jorie and the Magic Stones’ I think has been a success, and also in the murder mystery category ‘Act One, Scene One—Murder’.


What book to you think you should read but never get round to?IMG_1858

I think that I should have read more of the Sherlock Holmes’ mysteries, some of which escaped me, and I will make it a point to do so.


What do you consider to be your favourite book?

One of my favourite books is ‘The Painted Veil’ – I absolutely adore W. Somerset IMG_1860Maugham – now there was a writer!  I have read and enjoyed all his stories told with such flair and knowledge of his subject, and his brilliantly depicted characters.


 Is there a book that you have started but been unable to finish?

I have never started a book that I did not finish… that’s a big ‘no-no’ in my book, and leads to bad habits.


If you were stranded on a desert Island which 2 books would you want to have with IMG_1861you

Stranded on a desert island I would take the Bible, and the works of William Shakespeare… would I by any chance be allowed to take Antonio Banderas too?



11.  Kindle or Book?

Kindle or book? Oh, that’s easy, a book of course.



Murder in Little Sheldon is available to buy now.

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