All I Ever Wanted by Lucy Dillon published 1 December 2016


Caitlin’s marriage to Patrick is in trouble. He works long hours and she feels he doesn’t understand what she wants anymore. When he gets offered a job in Newcastle he sees it as a new start for Caitlin and their children, Joel and Nancy but Caitlin doesn’t want to leave her house in Bristol where she lived with her Gran. Their decision to separate has tragic consequences for four year old Nancy who turns from a vivacious singing dancing little girl in to a shy little girl who stops talking. The children start to spend some time with their Aunt Eva, recently widowed and lonely and finding it hard to deal with all that she gave up when she married her husband. Both Caitlin and Eva look at their marriages with new eyes, and decide what they really want from their life.

This is a beautifully written heartwarming novel, with engaging characters. I really identified with Caitlin, as I have had an experience similar to hers. She is rather a free spirit but feels she has let everybody down. Patrick models himself on his father who was hard working, but in doing this he distances himself from his family. Eva had it all being married to a famous actor, but now she is on her own with only her pugs for company.. All three embark on a journey where they find out that there is no such thing as a perfect family, and have to adjust to truths about themselves and those around them. I should point out the children are adorable and add much humour but also will pull at your heart strings.
The plot as many ups and downs, humour and sadness but overall it is a story to warm anyone’s heart and make us treasure what we have. A really good, easy read.

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