Christmas Under the Stars by Karen Swan published 3 November 2016


In beautiful Banff in the Canadian Rockies Meg and Mitch and Lucy and Tuck have been together since school and now are owners of a snowboard business. But one night, two weeks before Meg and Mitch’s wedding, a Polar Storm comes over the valley and tragedy strikes. Alone in their log cabin, Meg makes radio contact with Jonas and asks him to send for help. In the aftermath Meg, Lucy and Tuck all have to deal with the consequences of what happened and the repercussions which tear their friendship apart.
Meg turns to Jonas to confide in and feels that she can trust him more than her friends. With her life and heart broken apart just who can help her in the coming year.

I love Karen Swan as an author and earlier in the month reviewed Christmas on Primrose Hill which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I think this book is even better. I really enjoy her style of writing, which flows easily and carries the reader through the plot with ease. Her characters are very personable and as a reader you identify with them and care what happens to them. The interaction between different characters is easy and engages the reader.
The storyline is emotional at times but also funny as it follows Meg, Lucy, Tuck and their friends and family in the year after the accident. There are some serious storylines that are dealt with sympathy and verisimilitude, but there is also humour and of course romance.
Each novel I read by Karen Swan is better than the previous, and like a good wine her writing gets better over time.
A brilliant read, highly recommended.

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