Contact Details and Review Policy

Contact Details

If you would like to contact me about my blog, reviews written, books you would like me to review you can do so the following ways.

Email:  bookliterati@gmail.comfullsizeoutput_6e

Facebook Page:  Bookliterati Book Reviews

Twitter: @bookliterati

Instagram: bookliterati_juliet_butler

Tumblr: Bookliterati Book Reviews

Google + Juliet Butler

 Linkedin: Juliet Butler

Review Policy

If you would like me to review a book please contact on by one of the above methods.

All opinions in my blog are my own and given honestly.  I always try to be constructive in my reviews.

I reserve the right to turn down books if I don’t think they are for me.  Please do not take this personally.

My reviews are all shared on my Social Media Accounts, Amazon Uk and USA, Bookbridgr, Netgalley if appropriate and between the and fifteen Facebook Book Groups depending on genre.

My favourite genres are;

Historical Fiction

Contemporary Fiction




Literary Fiction