Fractured by Catherine McKenzie published 4 October 2016

After writing the best seller The Murder Game, Julie Prentice moves to Mount Adams Cincinnati to start a new life after being stalked. After an incident at a party she finds herself persona non grata with most of the neighbours. She does however become friends with neighbour John Dunbar who lives opposite Julie. They bond over their morning runs, and when Julie suspects that her stalker has returned it is John who is there for support. But is it the stalker or one of her new neighbours? Tensions begin to rise and one incident with John sets off a chain reaction that results in a tragedy.
This book is split between two timelines, the present day and the year leading up to that day. The author uses this to drip feed information both to the build up and the aftermath of the tragedy. This grabs the reader’s attention as we don’t find out what actually happens until the last few pages.
The narrators are Julie and John which gives two different perspectives to the build up to, and the tragedy that both are involved in.
The Characters are well developed and are typical of many residents in any neighbourhood, they all have their problems behind closed doors but put on a facade to the neighbours. There are many complex relationships between the characters, and this adds to the tension of the book.
This is a well written thriller with a great plot. Tension builds throughout the book and there are many twists and turns to get you thinking.

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