Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land published 12 January 2017




Annie is now Millie; a new name, a new family and a new life.  As Annie she was the daughter of a serial killer, her mother.

The trial is looming and Millie is being prepped to give evidence against her mother at court.  But, as the trial gets closer Milly starts to hear her mother’s voice in her head, goading her and making her feel insecure about her new life and reminding her that she is her mother’s daughter and doesn’t deserve a new life.   Millie knows she has two choices, to follow the good in her or the bad;  is she just like her mother or can she be different?


Good Me, Bad Me is undoubtedly going to be one of the best selling books of 2017, it has great characters, a sense of foreboding and a serial killer whose crimes are very disturbing.  The book is narrated by Millie, and takes the reader from the start of her new life when she goes to the police to hand her mother in, to the trial at the end.  In between we follow Millie as she tries to forge a new identity and all the difficulties she has to deal with.

Millie is a character who engages the reader and encourages empathy due to her background story and how she is now trying to forge a new existence whilst battling demons.  She has a constant battle within her between good and bad, which is hard to control especially when she is being bullied by Phoebe, the daughter of her foster family, who is jealous of Millie’s relationship with her parents.   I will admit I did find her an unsettling character at times;  she is obviously damaged by her mother’s crimes and the reader is left to consider the whole dilemma of nature versus nature.

There is so much tension and anticipation in this novel to the extent of her mother’s crimes.  Throughout the novel the reader is drip-fed information, each piece more disturbing than the last, but as the human condition dictates you need to keep reading to find out more as twisted as it might be.

This novel is shocking and disturbing in parts and it will stay with you long after you read the final page.  It deserves its five star rating and more for the clever plot line, the stomach turning anticipation and its very dark storyline.


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