In the Eyes of an Angel by Kimberley Livingston.



Camille Ryan is in her last year of an accountancy degree at Southern State University.  To pay her bills she works as a bartender in bar, where she meets businessman Rick Pantallini.  Seventeen years her senior Rick is a man who is used to getting what he wants and doesn’t have serious relationships but when he sees Camille he begins to question his life choices.  The chemistry is unmistakeable but can Rick change his lifestyle and take care of Camille.

In the Eyes of an Angel is one of those books that you pick up when you want a nice easy read and at just over two hundred pages you can read it in one sitting.

At the beginning of the book Camille is fairly naive, she doesn’t realise how beautiful she is, and doesn’t have much self confidence, due to a troubled childhood.  As the story unfolds and her romance blossoms with Rick, Camille transforms into a confident, self assured young woman.  Rick’s character is the opposite to Camille’s in that he is rich, confident and aware of his effect on women.  However, he didn’t come across as arrogant, his heart is in the right place and while he has a couple of women he sleeps with he treats them with respecting really care what happens to them.

The characters and plot may seem a bit stereo typical; pretty girl meets rich older man and they fall in love, but there is another element to this story and the end wasn’t what I thought it would be.  The conclusion stopped this book from being too cliche and set the story up for the sequel that Kimberley Davis is currently writing.

If you like a romance novel that is well written with an uncomplicated plot then this book is for you.












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