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Kate, Jenny and Aubrey meet when they become roommates at one of the Ivy League Universities.  They are a strange match coming from such diverse backgrounds, but soon become inseparable, sos much so that the become known as the ‘triplets’.

Twenty years later, on a cold dark evening one of them is standing on a bridge, someone is with them telling them to jump, to end their life.  How did it come to this, what happened to destroy their friendship.  That evening can end only one way, with murder, but whose murder and why?


It’s Always the Husband is marketed as a crime, thriller, mystery.  But it is not one of those thrillers that grabs you and makes you hold your breath in suspense at what is going to happen, full of heartstopping moments.  The crime at its centre is the murder of one the three main characters, and with several characters having the means and the motive the readers interest is engaged.

It is well written with a great opening chapter that will grab your attention and set the scene for the rest of the book.  The main themes of this book are about friendships, how they are made and how they are lost.  I would say this is about a toxic friendship, where one friend leads the other two astray  by being a bad influence and the consequences of that friendship.  The three main characters, whilst interesting in their interactions with each other and their different views of what university means to them, they are air stereotypical.  Kate is the New York socialite.  She is pretty, blonde, slim a rich party girl funded by daddy.  Jenny is a local girl from a hispanic family who own the towns hardware shop.  She wants to study hard and do well in life, she is the sensible one of the group.  Lastly there is Aubrey, she is from Las Vegas.  She was raised by her mother who worked as a waiter but had a drink problem.  Never being popular at school she idolises Kate and all she stands for.

This book is a book of two halves.  The first part concentrates on the friendship the three girls and how it becomes hedonistic and spirals out of control until it eventually implodes.  The second part is the crime part, after one of them is found dead.  It was interesting to see their interaction as adults, all three had secrets they were keeping and motive to kill each other.  As it came to its conclusion I was pretty sure who did it but I was proved wrong, which I quite liked to be honest, it stopped the plot being too obvious.

Its Always the Husband  is a puzzling ‘whodunit’, a book full of secrets and scandals;  an enjoyable read.

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