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Lexy O’Brien is the queen of reality television, she has spent most of her adult life in the spot light and has her own television show following her glamorous life, with her footballer husband and two children.  Her whole life is planned like to precision.  Her PR team want her to write a book about her life, and into Lexy’s life comes Caroline Evans, blogger and the Ghost Writer.  Caroline is overweight, unassuming, drab and dull, rather like her life, but after following Lexy for the book Caroline begins to question why she can’t have Lexy’s life.  They say familiarity breeds contempt, and as Caroline spends more time with Lexy, her family and being in her orbit she begins a campaign to take it all from her.

As the lives of Lexy and Caroline entwine, it is only a matter of time before their lives blow up in a very public way.



Rebecca Chance is up there with Jacky Collins and Jilly Cooper when it comes to writing the perfect Bonkbuster.  As with all her books, the plot line is based on subjects that are very current in today’s society.  Killer Affair is a tongue in cheek look a the world of reality tv stars, who are famous for nothing apart from drinking, partying, sex and drugs, and whose very move is choreographed by a PR team.  Rebecca is very clever in her writing and includes many characters who reference sandals we have all read in the press and magazines; the footballer who groomed a fifteen year old girl and went to prison; famous women who fake being pregnant, and actually use a surrogate; the tennis commentator who makes sexist comments about a female player.  Rebecca Chance’s writing is purely brilliant, her observations, her wit and humour and social observations really bring the novel to life.  I particularly like her take on the famous Jane Austen quote ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that a glamour model in possession of a great pair of boobs must be in want of a footballer husband…”.  

The characters are all larger than life, especially the main character Lexy who doesn’t make any kind of decision with out consulting her PR agency, her whole life is lived in the public eye, there is literally nothing she won’t do to gain more viewers and press  She is not a character that the reader empathises with, in a  way it is almost enjoyable to see her life come crumbling down.  However, there is a venerability to her, she is a product of the media world, and just needs a short sharp shock to bring her back down to earth with a bump.  This leads nicely on to her nemesis Caroline, who she refers to as ‘Ghost Mouse’.  Caroline is an aspiring novelist, and being Ley’s Ghost Writer, is her first job.  Lexy and Caroline are polar opposites;  Lexy is rich and glamorous, Caroline is flabby and has hardly any money; Lexy has a huge house, whereas Caroline lives with four other people in a house share the has only one bathroom.  I think one of my favourite comparisons was that Lexy had large tropical showers, where as Carolin’s shower was so small she couldn’t even have sex in it.  Obviously Caroline changes from the ugly duckling in to the beautiful swan and changes her life, but the reader is left to question the addiction of fame, the power it gives and just how far you would got to attain it.

Killer Affair is full of glamour, scandal, revenge and sex, the perfect ingredients for a fab Bonkbuster novel.  The reader is able to escape in to the glamorous, and at times not so glamorous, world of the rich and famous, a perfect choice for your beach bag. If you like your books to be sassy, sexy, sensational and scintillating then this is the book for you, a fabulous read.











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