Lie with Me by Sabine Durrant published 28 July 2016

Paul Morris is a charmer and a liar. He is the kind of person who’s takes advantage of others generosity; he lives in a friends flat rent free, he has a free Sunday lunch every week care of another friend. He goes through life on the fact that 20 years ago he had a novel published to critical acclaim. A chance encounter with a university friend in a book shop opens another door for Paul. He gets a chance to ingratiate himself with Andrew’s family and close friend Alice. Alice is a wealthy widow and a new target for Paul, who has no money and needs a new place to live. After a few lies he manages to get an invitation to Alice’s villa in the Greek Islands where she holidays with Andrew and his family. The lies keep on coming and events start to turn sinister and it seems Paul may not be the only one with an agenda.
This is a wonderfully dark psychological thriller with a gripping storyline. Throughout the narrative there is a sense of foreboding that climaxes in the final twist. It has great characters with many layers to their personality. They seem to change with each chapter and their dynamics change which keeps the readers interest. The metaphor of events spiralling out f control in the heat of a foreign land is a common literary device, and Sabine uses it well. In the heat of the Greek Islands tensions and old grudges come to the fore and secrets are exposed.
This is an excellent read tha will keep you on the edge of your seat or bed, depending on where you read.

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