Paris Mon Amour by Isabel Costello published 1July 2016.

Alexandra and Philippe have been married for five years. When Alexandra’s mother informs her that her husband is having an affair, she accepts what she has been trying to hide from. But this is Paris, so is it acceptable? A hurt and shocked Alexandra finds herself attracted to Jean-Luc, the son of Philippe’s best friend. She soon finds herself in a passionate and tumultuous affair, that could hurt both family and friends should they find out.
Beautifully written and set in the romantic city of Paris, the reader is taken on a journey of a woman’s rediscovery of herself and her sexuality, and how it effects her relationship with others.
The sea was a continuous metaphor in this book. It is a major factor in both Alexandra’s and Jean- Luc’s character; It is a theme that links many of the characters. Art s another reoccurring theme; Philippe owns a gallery and Alexandra is an editor at a publisher of art books. I especially liked the juxtaposition of the Icons display being led in a modern at gallery that was exhibiting modern religious art pieces that were controversial.
This novel has wonderful characterisation. Alexandra is very complex character who has had a difficult and unhappy past util she married Philippe. Her character is very plausible and no attempt what your moral view on infidelity, there is an empathy for Alexandra and her dilemma. Isabel Costello also shows great insight into the troubled Jeaan-Luc and the difficult relationship between Philippe and his estranged daughter, Vanessa.
The prose flows seamlessly taking the reader on an emotionally charged journey through the streets of Paris. It is well thought out and the story is not one of those fluffy romantic stories: It is an intelligent, adult read with sexual tension and charged emotions.

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