Sanatorini Sunsets by Anita Hughes published 2 August 2016

New York socialite Brigit Palmer is in Santorini with her family and friends for her wedding to Hollywood heart-throb Blake Crawford. This should be the happiest time in her life but she begins to have doubts when she finds out that Blake has sold the rights for the wedding to Hello magazine. To make matters worse the journalist is her ex-husband Nathaniel. As the week goes along Brigit begins to wonder if there are other things she doesn’t know about Blake.
You may think this storyline sounds familiar: the New York socialite about to marry for the second time; the appearance of her ex-husband at the wedding; the wedding pictures being sold to a magazine without the bride’s knowledge. It is the same as The Philadelphia Story/High Society, two of my favourite films.
I don’t like writing bad reviews, but this book was tedious. There was not much of a storyline [the two films are so much better], and it reads like a article of a society wedding from Tatler, or The Lady Magazine, with its description of the many parties. There are endless references to famous actors,-Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp- and to designer brands, -Dior, Chanel, Kate Spade, that would not be amiss in the covers of Vogue. The worst part of this is that it’s added nothing to the story, it was more like name dropping for effect. The whole thing lacked imagination and not just in the storyline; there was a lot of repetition in her writing, Eg When describing the 3 main male protagonists she used the same phrase “his cheeks glistened with aftershave” several times. I also got annoyed with the continuous misspelling of the word ‘Cheque’ spelt as ‘check’. Obviously this is just my opinion and may appeal to others but I feel I have wasted valuable reading time.

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