The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards published 13 September 2016


Sophie starts what should be her dream job at Jackdaw Publishing after having 4 years off to bring up her daughter. Sophie has some history with Jackdaw Publishing as she was friend’s at university with the owner’s granddaughter Jasmine. Unfortunately it is not what she expected; her assistant Cassie seems to be out to undermine Sophie. Sophie discovers that her predecessor left suddenly and hasn’t been seen since. Events begin to spiral out of control and when her husband, Guy, and daughter, Daisy become part of the disturbing events Sophie realises that she has made a mistake and begins to fear for her own life. Why is Sophie being targeted and could it be linked to her time at university? Sophie needs to find out before she looses her job and family.
This is the first book I have read by Mark Edwards and it certainly wont be the last. This is a brilliant psychlogical thriller, so good that I read it in one day including during Formula 1 qualifying and I’m a huge Formula 1 fan. The plot is cleverly thought out with fantastic twists and turns. The characters are very realistic and readers will identify with them. Nearly all are untrustworthy with something to hide, so the reader is left with suspicions of their motives and left wondering just who is trying to frighten Sophie.
It is a dark and chilling read especially when Sophie’s daughter is brought into the equation and used to frighten her. In our time we have all had a ‘bad day at the office’ but nothing compared to Sophie’s.
A compelling read that will grip you and hold on tight until the last page.

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