The Girl Before by J P Delaney published 26 January 2017




Number One Folgate Street seems the perfect place to live, cheap to rent and in a good location, however it is no ordinary house.  Designed by an award winning architect, and run by technology to live there is to be part of an experience; to live a minimalist lifestyle and live by hundreds of rules.  For Jane it seems the perfect place to start again after loosing her baby, a chance to de clutter her life.  After moving in she looks into the life of the previous tenant, Emma who died a mysterious death in the property.  The more she delves into the past the more she sees the similarity between Emma and herself;  is she going to meet the same end as the girl before.


This is a well written original read.  The narrative goes between Emma’s story in the past and Jane’s in the present from when they move into One Folgate Street.  I was fascinated by the idea of a house run by technology that adapts to the current tenant and in turn adapts the tenant to the house.  Delaney is clever with his plot in that the house is a character in its own right and one that is a suspect in the death of Emma, a place not to be trusted with its technology.  There is a verisimilitude to the characters, they are flawed, vulnerable and face difficulties in life that many can relate to. I found they gained my empathy to the situations they found themselves in.

The plot itself is original, and compelling; each chapter is left just at that point an important piece of the puzzle is to be revealed, so it is a hard book to put down.  It is full of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged up until the last page.  A real creepy, spine tingling read in parts with thrills a plenty. I think this is going to be one of the best reads this year, I highly recommend it.

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