The Girl From The Savoy by Hazel Gaynor published 8 September 2016


This is a story of life, love,hope and death. It is beautifully written with a lot of detail given to both characters and setting. 1920’s London is brought vividly to life; it is the era of The Bright Young things, all living life to the full after the devestation caused by World War 1. There are three narrators, Dolly a maid at the Savoy who dreams of a life on the stage, Loretta a debutante who was a nurse during the war but is now a star of the stage and Teddy, Dolly’s former boyfriend who went to war and returned with shell shock. All three characters have come from different backgrounds but all have been forever touched by the horrors of the war. The characters all bring different aspects to the story so the readers interest is kept throughout. Their common ground is that no matter where you come from, and what experiences you have had, everyone wants to better themselves. Life and death are a theme that runs through the novel and the two main characters, Loretta and Dolly really symbolise that; Dolly the rising star just starting out in life and Loretta the dying star at the end of her career.
I found Teddy’s story really sad. The letters between him and Dolly are very poignant and give an insight into the thoughts and feelings of both the soldiers on the front line and their loved ones back home.
Overall I really enjoyed this book, I loved the historical detail and the characters. A good easy read.

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