The Humminbird’s Cage by Tamara Dietrich published 25 August 2016

Joanna thought she had married the man of her dreams but instead he was her worst nightmare. Trapped in a violent relationship she sees no way out. She can’t go to the police because Jim is the local sheriff, she no longer has contact with family or friends, her only raison de etre is her daughter Laurel. One day she is offered the chance to escape, to start again, and she finds herself in the town of Morro but she has no recollection of how she got there. The more time they spend in Morro the more they begin to realise that the town and its inhabitants are not all that they first seemed.
This is a very emotional and difficult read in parts due to the accounts of domestic violence, which is dealt with honestly. Jim’s character really is horrible but realistic in his control over Joanna. Joanna really grows through the book as she gets away from Jim and finds the woman she was before loosing herself in the physical and mental abuse. The inhabitants of Morro are diverse and each character has their own back story that draws the reader in and you feel invested in their lives.
It is a well written novel that really grabs the reader’s attention. Not wanting to give anything away there is a great twist about a third of the way through that makes this stand out from other psychological thrillers.
It really is a great read, and one I enjoyed more than I thought it would.

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