The Other Wives Club by Shari Low published 1 November 2016

It’s Drew Gold’s fiftieth birthday and he wants to celebrate it with his family on a Mediterranean Cruise. Along with his wife Tess, he invites his first wife Sarah, mother to his children John and Eliza. Sarah, who lives in denim skirts and fleece tops decides to come out of hibernation, improve her wardrobe and embrace the experience. John is also coming along with his wife and their twins, as is his teenage sister Eliza. Also invited is Mona, Drew’s second wife and her husband Piers and his son Max. Mona is high a high maintenance fashion editor who Drew left Sarah for. She also has an ulterior motive, she wants Drew back at any cost.
Ten days on the high seas, three Mrs Gold’s, what could possibly go wrong?
This is an entertaining, lighthearted read. The characters are endearing, apart from Mona. There is lots of scope for relationships among the varied cast, and the dynamics change during the book. I really enjoyed the relationship between Sarah and Tess, the first and third wife. Their friendship was endearing, they had a lot in common in their relationship with Drew and in their dislike of the ever glamorous and schemeing Mona. I loved this book it has a great plot with plenty of funny moments and drama and a lovely cast of character; an enjoyable read.

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