The Santiago Sisters by Victoria Fox published 28 July 2016


Twins, Teresa and Calida Santiago, are brought up on an estancia in Argentina. They are very close, basically two halves of one person. After a change in circumstances they are given a very different futures. Teresa is adopted by English film star Simone Geddes. She becomes Tess Gedes, and given all that money can buy; a private education, expensive clothes, and the chance to become an actress in Hollywood. Calida, however, is not so lucky. She is left alone to run the estancia and feels rejected by her twin. She decides to work her way to the top with the hope of being reunited with Tess. But of course there are obstacles she has to overcome.
Victoria Fox is the master of the beach bag book. When I pick up one of her books I know what I am getting; glamour, sex, rivalries, scandal and lots of beautiful people. This book doesn’t disappoint, it has a great storyline that spans different glamorous locations and as a cast of varied characters. This is a book that will keep you hooked until you reach the last page with its twists and turns and fabulous plot. I highly recommend this book for those who want an easy read that is well written and a great story. I also recommend Victoria’s other books especially Power Games and Temptation Island.

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