The Stepmother by Claire Seeber published 15 July 2016


Jeanne is newly married to Matthew King and has just moved to Malum House, a beautiful Elizabethan property. Jeanie can’t believe how fast her life has turned around, as she is recovering from an incident that lost her her job and has brought up her son, Frankie, as a single mother. The problem is she has not told Matthew about her troubled past or childhood. As well as a new husband she has two stepchildren, Scarlett and Lucas, to win over which is difficult as Scarlett is very hostile. Her new life as wife and stepmother is made harder when her past starts to catch up with her. Can Jeannie win over Scarlett and find out who is bringing her past into he present and threatening her future.

This is a well written Psychlogical Thrriller. The main narrator is Jeannie but there are occasional chapters narrated by Jeannie’s sister Marlena which give a different view to what is happening. The plot moves quickly and tension is kept throughout to keep the readers attention. There are a cast of strong central characters as well as a good supporting cast. The main characters are not excactly what they seem, and it’s not just Jeannie who has secrets in her past. The twists and turns of this novel bring the reader to an exciting ending with a great twist.

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