What Remains of Me by A L Gaylin published 1 December 2016


1980 Kelly Lund, aged 17, is convicted of the murder of Hollywood film director John McFadden.
2010 Kelly, now 47, has been free for five years and is married. She lives quietly, out of the public eye with only her husband an a neighbouring artist for company, but suddenly she is back in the media when her father in law is found dead, killed in the same manner as his friend John McFadden. Kelly is the prime suspect, but she finds support in an unexpected place from a journalist who not only believes her innocent of this crime but also of the murder in 1980, but the question is did she do it or not?

The narrative follows Kelly’s story both in 1980, up to the murder of John McFadden and in 2010 after the death of he father in law. As a character, Kelly was someone I had empathy for: she was brought up by her mother after her parents divorced; her twin sister killed her self when she was 15; and she got in with the wrong friends, drawn by the glitter and money of Hollywood. These factors led her towards a drug addiction and her downfall.
At 47, she enjoys the more simple things in life like driving her car in the night, a feeling of freedom after spending half her life incarcerated.
This is a well written novel of smoke and mirrors where nothing is as it first seems. There are plenty of twists and turns and just when you think you know the truth the plot turns in a different direction. The eventual conclusion is well written with a good twist and one I found interesting.
If you love a good thriller I highly recommend this book.

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