What We Didn’t Say by Rory Dunlop published 6 October 2016

Jack and Laura met at university when he was her tutor. Move on several years and they are married and living in London. Jack is now working as a psychotherapist and Laura as a journalist. However, Jack begins to believe that Laura is having an affair which results in the breakdown of their marriage. This novel is a document of that breakdown in the form of a diary written after the event by Jack, with Laura injecting some of her views throughout. This diary shows how a catalogue of misunderstandings and things left unsaid can lead to the breakdown of a marriage.
This is a unique novel in the way that the narrative is in the form of a diary with Laura’s comments when she has a different view. It is well written and the reader is taken on the journey with Jack and Laura as their marriage falls apart. The characters are very aimiable so the reader begins to care about the outcome. This is an emotional read but there is also plenty of humour and sarcasm.

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