You, Me, Always by Jill Mansell published 5 July 2016

On her 25th birthday Lily receives her final letter and present from her mum. Lily’s mum died when she was 8 and since then has been brought up by her mum’s best friend Coral and her partner Nick as well as being taken under the wing by her old babysitter Patsy and her brother Dan.
In the letter is the name of her mum’s first and true love Declan. Lily decides to find Declan so she can learn more about her mum, but what she doesn’t count on is how much Declan’s appearance will change her life and those of others around her.

As always Jill Mansell writes a beautiful novel, that is easy to read and keeps the readers interest until the last page. There is a great cast of characters that are warm and friendly, even when relationships are tested you really care but know it will always workout. I don’t think I’ve read a bad Jill Mansell novel. This is the kind of book that I pick up when I want to be cheered up; I know it will make me laugh and cry. It is a piece of happiness in a book.

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