You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher published 25 April 2017




As Maddy stands in her beautiful wedding dress she looks down the aisle to her husband to be and his best man.  Maddie, Robert and Ben have been best friends since they were nine years old.  She is about to marry Robert, but it could so easily have been Ben, and maybe it still could be.  Maddy questions if she has made the right choice and if Ben spoke up would she change her mind.


You’re The One That I Want is a lovely, easy read about friendship, love, growing up and the decisions we make.  The three main characters, Maddy, Robert and Ben refer to themselves as a ‘tripod’; if one of them was missing the there two would collapse.  With this in mind I was surprised that the narrators of the book were just Maddy and Ben, we never see the story from Robert’s point of view.  As characters I thought they were very grounded and real in their interaction, mannerisms and their reactions to the situations they find themselves in.  Out of the three I found I was more drawn to Ben’s character, I had real empathy and admiration for how he dealt with the situation of his two best friends being in a relationship when he was also in love with Maddy.

The plot is full of life, love, happiness, and a touch of sadness which make it a good fun positive book to read.  It is well written and I feel that Giovanna Fletcher gave a balanced view, from both Maddy’s and Ben’s perspective of the situations they find themselves in.  It’s vey well thought out and true to life.

You’re The One The One That I Want is an engaging, rollercoaster of a novel that will make you laugh and cry but ultimately it is a pleasurable, feel good read that entertains from beginning to end.

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