Her Husband’s Lover by Julia Crouch published 26 January 2017



Louisa has lost everything after her husband smashes into her car to stop her leaving.  Her children are gone and so is her husband, Louisa has to build a new life after the accident that has left her mentally and physically scarred.

Sophie was having an affair with Louisa’s husband Sam.  She wants revenge and to make Louisa pay for what she stole from her; the life she would have lived with Sam. She will go to any lengths to destroy Louisa and her new life.

This is a well written, compelling read.  The story is told by Louisa and Sophie with flashbacks to Louisa and Sam’s marriage.  As narrators both Louisa and Sophie are unreliable;  their characters are very emotional and they project this into their narration blurring the lines between fact and fiction. They both have their demons from their childhood that have a large influence on their lives now.  Louisa and Sam’s marriage is revealed bit by bit, as is their history  before they got together.  There is no doubt that the car crash at the beginning is more than just a terrifying event, it is a metaphor for the relationships between Louisa, Sam and Sophie who were all on a road to self destruction.

This is a very dark and suspenseful book, that will shock and thrill all the way through.   Don’t come to this book with preconceived ideas as it is one of those books that just when you think you know where it is going it turns itself on its head.  It is simply brilliant, a book that will chill you to the bone.







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