A Year and a Day by Isabelle Broom published 17 November 2016


Prague in December is a beautiful, romantic place to be, and offers three different women an opportunity of romance. Megan is there with her best friend Ollie. Megan is there to get inspiration and take photographs for an upcoming exhibition in London and she doesn’t want any distractions so keeps Ollie at arms length. Ollie is a teacher and getting information for a class project on Prague, and he is also in love with Megan.
Hope has been brought to Prague by her new partner Charlie. She should be enjoying the romance of the city but is distracted by her daughter back home who doesn’t want to speak her after the break up of Hope’s marriage.
For Sophie, Prague is a magical city full of happy memories; it is where she met her boyfriend Robin. When she arrives she is on her own, waiting for Robin to arrive in a couple of days. She spends her time visiting all the places that have special memories for them.
In this magical city their lives intertwine and friendships are formed as they tread the uncertain and complex path of love.

This a beautiful book, there is a lot detailed description of Prague, bringing the history and magic of the city to life. The characters are all very different, but well developed with a good back story to how they ended up in Prague. The thing they all have in common is that they are at a crossroads in their lives where they need to consider not only their future but also the past and decide what they want from life. All the characters are realistic and endearing to the reader.
This is an enchanting read, that will transport you to beautiful Prague and take you an emotional journey with the characters; a great read.

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