Christmas on Primrose Hill by Karen Swan published December 2015

Nettie Watson becomes an internet sensation by accident whilst working at a charity event. #Bluebunnygirl goes viral and attracts the world’s media and pop star Jamie Westlake. Bluebunnygirl and her exploits are far removed from the life of Nettie who still lives at home with her dad after a devestating family event. Christmas for her and her dad is a time to remember what they have lost rather than a time of celebration and no one can give her the present she would really like. But as bluebunnygirl and her challenges grow in popularity she grows closer to Jamie Westlake and she may have a chance of a happy ending if she can move on from the past and look towards the future.
For the past few years I have read one of Karen Swan’s Christmas novels every Christmas. This is last years publication which for some reason I didn’t get round to reading. I know when I pick up one of her novels that I am going to enjoy the story and the writing and this book didn’t dissapoint. It was well written and as well as being a funny, romantic Christmas read it also dealt with more serious issues such as testicular cancer and the distress caused by a missing family member, both dealt with empathy. The story line is very contemporary in its dealings with social media and how it can make someone famous in the click of the button, and also forget about them as fast.
I loved the characters, especially Nettie with her vulnerability and loyalty to her dad even if that means not moving out or following her heart.
This is a great Christmas read full of fun and romance that will keep your attention from the beginning to the end. If you haven’t read any of Karen Swan’s books before I highly recommend them. In a couple of weeks I will review this years Christmas read, Christmas Under the Stars.

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