Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan, Penguin UK publish date 16/06/16

Dear Amy is set in Cambridge where Morag Lewis is a Classics teacher at a local school and has an advice column in the Examiner paper.
Katie Browne, a student of Morag’s, has gone missing presumed to have runaway from home. A few weeks later Morag’s Dear Amy column receives letters from Bethan Avery, another girl who disappeared from Cambridge twenty years ago. Who is writing these letters, and why now after twenty years? Could they help in the search for Katie?

The concept of this novel is really good and keeps the readers interest throughout. Margot has many facets to her character and endears herself to the reader through her complex character. I found I really wanted her to continue to fight for the truth no matter what the obstacles.
However, I do feel that the supporting characters needed more development. They just seemed to appear with not much introduction. I also felt that their relationship with Margot needed more attention.
The plot also had room for development, I wanted more on the backstory of the missing girls. It didn’t flow at times, the story jumped from one thing to another in parts.
However, I did enjoy the book, it did keep me guessing throughout and I wanted t keep reading to find out who wrote the letters.
This is the authors first novel and if this is anything to go by I will certainly lookout for her future novels.

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