Author Q&A Sessions

Happy Friday everyone. I am excited to announce that I have 2 author Q&A sessions coming up in June and July.
The first is Helen Callaghan whose book Dear Amy < was my first book review. Hopefully this will happen next week so I will keep you posted. The second is Kate Acton whose first novel Whyte Lies will be published on 16 July.
I will also put a review of her book up. This will happen on 10 July.
If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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Hi, I am an avid reader and have been all my life. I put it down to being an only child and having a teacher for a mum. The idea of this blog is to share my passion for reading and review new and upcoming books as well as those that may have been out for several years.
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  1. Oh I still have Dear Amy to read! Hope to have it done before your post. And I have Kate’s book to read too as I’m on the tour on the 15th July! Managed to follow you now as you can see! x

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