Letting in the Light by Emma Davies published 14 June



Ellie decides a change is needed in her life after the breakdown of her relationship. Best friend Jane lets her rent the Lodge, attached to Rowan Hill, in the village of Wickford. A year previously Ellie was in a car accident and her knight in shining armour, who came to her aid, is now her neighbour. Unfortunately for Ellie her knight’s armour is now tarnished and his demeanour is more grumpy and distant.
Ellie’s appearance in the village is like a match to a candle, she brings light and change to the residents of Wickford. Ellie may thinks she is just meandering through life but her relationship with Will and Finn, her neighbours at Rowan Hill, and the other villagers brings hope and new life to both the village and its residents.
Letting in the Light is a good easy read, the narrative flows effortlessly taking the reader gently along with it. The characters are beautifully drawn and in no way stereotyped. By the end of the book you really feel invested in their lives. There is a turn in the plot that I had not seen coming and a topic I have not previously come across. I have to say the subject concerned was handled with compassion and sensitivity.
This is a book that will leave you with a warm heart and a smile on your face.

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