Death Rains Down (Detective Ray Logue Book 1) by Kevin McManus




Port Ard, County Mayo a Polish Estate Agent Anna Pawalowski is murdered after arranging to meet a client to view a property.

Logue, a hard drinking cop, still struggling after the death of his wife eight years ago, and his partner Mulcahy are assigned to the case.  But who would want to kill a young, beautiful estate agent and things are complicated further when the body of her boyfriend is washed up on a beach.  Logue and Mulcahy are drawn into the dark world of drugs, Russian mobsters, violence and political corruption to apprehend the perpetrator of these murders.  But are they in above their heads, and just how high does the corruption go.


Death Rains Down is only a short book of one hundred and sixty five pages, put it really packs a punch in those pages.  I don’t normally read books under three hundred pages but I have to say that I really enjoyed being able to read the whole book in one sitting, not something I get to do very often with my spondylosis.  I thought the plot was well thought out and fast paced to keep your attention.  Kevin McManus’ descriptive prose brings the beauty of County Mayo and the characters to life.

I really enjoyed Logue as a character, the archetypal damaged, maverick cop – every good crime drama needs one.  He is balanced out by his partner Mulcahy who is Logue’s opposite; married with children and not one to break the rules.  What I loves was the way Logue wanted to protect Mulcahy from any dangerous situations;  It was Logue in the firing line physically and metaphorically.

Death Rains Down is an accomplished first novel, full of Irish charm, lots of craic but best of all an exciting, thrill packed plot; like me you will want to read this in one setting.  I am looking forward to reading the next instalment in the Detective Ray Logue series.

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