In the Name of Love by Louise Lee




Retired, technically, Florence Love is a Long way from her London Private Investigator glory days.  Bur her latest target is achingly personal.

A ration of Montelpulciano in her water pouch, Flo finds herself racing around Italy on a borrowed Vespa in the name of love.  Bambi Love, specifically.  Her mum – missing for twenty five years.  The one case that’s still unsolved.

To find Bambi, maintaining focus all be critical.  Florence must not be distracted.  Not even by a beautiful. goosebump-inducung Italian stranger with mafiosi friends and a habit of suddenly disappearing himself, who knows far more than he’s letting on.



This is such a fun book with the perfect mix of ingredients; a sassy heroine, a gorgeous Italian love interest, a priest with mafiosi connections, and a lot of fun along the way.

In the Name of Love is the second book in the Florence Love series, the previous book being The HoneyTrap.  I have not read the previous book and this did not effect my enjoyment of the book or the understanding of the plot.  Louise Lee does include important points from the previous books plot for background information.  As I was reading this book I really wanted to be Florence Love,  She is sassy, fun, intelligent, confident, fiesty and ultimately flawed.  Florence’s relationship with her brother, Michael, who has Asperger’s was very endearing.  She was both protective of him and encouraged him to live his life, and was never apologetic about his condition or behaviour.  As for the other characters, you can’t have a book set in Italy without some mention of the mafiosi.  Louise Lee has a gun wielding priest who is in hiding after taking on the mafia; and the handsome love interest, Tommasso, whose is next in line to be in charge of the family business, the heat of a mafia family.  Along the way, in her search for her mother Florence meets many other memorable characters, both in Italy and England to pique your interest.

I think that for all the fun and humour of the book at its heart is a family that have been torn apart by the dissappeance of a mother and wife.  Believed dead, Florence discovers evidence that her Italian mother is alive and living under an assumed name after being involved in something that links to the mafia.  Her search for her mother causes friction within her family has her father wants her to leave all alone and her brother doesn’t like her being away.

There are so many memorable moments in this novel; you will laugh, cry and ultimately fall in love with Florence Love.  In the Name of Love is exciting, entertaining and additictive; be prepared to loose yourself in the pages of this book.







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