The Minaturist by Jessie Burton published 2014

Nella arrives in Amterdam at the age of 18 as the wife of merchant Johannes Brandt. As a wedding gift he gives her a a beautiful cabinet that is a miniature re-creation of her new home. Nella enlists the services of the Minaturist to create furniture and objects to fill the cabinet. But when the pieces arrive they are exact replicas of the objects and people she lives with, how does the Minaturist know so much about not only the house but also the people who live there and their secrets. Is the Minaturist trying to help Nella and give her an insight into the people she lives with or destroy them?
Every now and then as an avid reader a book comes along that really stands out from others you have read and The Minaturist is one of those books. It is so beautifully written with the most wonderful characters. The narrative flows with ease and is well plotted and deals with complex issues like race, sex, marriage, class and religion in 17th Century Amsterdam. It is beautifully atmospheric and immerses the reader in the smells, sights, and sounds of Amsterdam. It is a book full of surprises both in plot and characters, things are never what they first seem and there is an air of mystery surrounding the characters. This is a delightful book to read and hard to believe it is Jessie Burton’s first novel. This book has everything; historical detail, suspense, mystery, love and romance. I cannot recommend it enough, I would have given a 10 rating if I could, it is sublime.
Since reading the book I have found out that the BBC will be turning it into a drama in 2017, I just hope hey do it justice.

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