The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen published 27 September 2016

Welcome to Sycamore Grove in North Caroline, a small town with characters you would find in any American town. But behind the white picket fences there are secrets a plenty. Lance is left bringing up his two children after his wife left ten months ago. His neighbour Zell helps with the children to fill a void in her life. Jencey returns to Sycmore Grove with her two girls after leaving in a hurry over ten years ago. Bryte, was Jencey’s best friend at school, is not as happy as she should be about her return as she worries about the her family now Jencey has returned. Cailey is forced to take on the role ofthe adult and look after her brother during the summer as her mother has to work.
During the sweltering heat of summer these characters are brought together after an accident at the community pool and slowly their secrets begin to come out into the open.
This book reads very much like an American drama, rather like Desperate Houswives. On the outside everyone seems very happy and leading ordinary lives but behind closed doors tensions are running high. The plot delves into the darker side of suburban life and also shows how important the community spirit is during times of trouble.
The characters are the narrator so we see contrasting views to the events of that summer. The multi layered narrative helps the story flow seamlessly and keeps the reader’s attention: every chapter is seen from a different point of view.
I would not have normally picked up this type of book but I really enjoyed it. It is a heartwarming tale, that shows the importance of community and friendship.

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