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We are now one month into 2018, and it has been a brilliant start to the year in books.  I have read eleven books this month, and been part of five blog tours, so January has been very busy for me.  I have read some brilliant debut authors whom I am sure will go on to write other bestsellers,  C J Tudor and A J Finn come to mind, and have been introduced to some new authors where I have gone and bought other books by them, Jennifer Laam is one of those.

As part of my new monthly abridged feature I am going to choose my three favourite reads of the month.  This month after much deliberation I have chosen the three following books:


IMG_1924The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris – a love story set amongst the horrors of the concentration camp.  Some may recoil because of the setting, but I found this to be a life affirming novel.  Lale and Gita’s belief in their love and their continued hope is remarkable especially when you realise that this a based on a true story.



The Chalkman by C J Tudor- is a slow burn thriller with an under current of tension andIMG_1947 menace.  Set in the 1980’s and present day and narrated by Eddie, who was witness to a terrible act as a child and how it is coming back to haunt him in the present.  This is already a best seller and I think will be one of the best books of the year.



IMG_1963The Woman in the Window by A J Finn- another brilliant debut thriller.  This is very much in the style of a Hitchcock thriller and there will be comparisons with Rear Window, a woman housebound, spying on her neighbours and thinks she see an act of violence.  I loved the twists and turns in this book and the unreliable narrator adds to the  suspense, this book gave me tingles down my spine.




Reviews for all my January books are available.


I look forward to sharing more wonderful book reviews in February.  Thank you for reading my blog.


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