Weave A Murderous Web by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks

  • IMG_1988Paperback: 218 pages
  • Publisher: Melange Books (17 Jun. 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1680462520
  • ISBN-13: 978-1680462524
  • Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1.4 x 22.9 cm






No good deed goes unpunished. When Jane Larson—a hot-shot litigator for a large firm in New York City—helps out a friend, she is sucked into the unfamiliar world of divorce and child support.


Jane’s discovery of the deadbeat dad’s hidden assets soon unravels a web of lies, drugs, and murder that keeps getting more dangerous.


Soon, Jane is involved in a high stakes race to recover a missing suitcase of cash and catch the murderer before she becomes the next victim.



Weave A Murderous Web is a legal thriller and crime drama combined; what starts out as a divorce and child maintenance case turns into a murder investigation, and for Jane Larson a race to solve the case before she is the next victim.  Considering this is a fairly short read at just over two hundred pages, it is a fast paced, action packed read.  The plot is narrated in the first person by sassy lawyer Jane Larson, a corporate lawyer, at the top of her game, who takes on the divorce case of Gail and Larry as a favour to her friend Francine.  What I loved about the narration was Jane’s caustic and sarcastic  observations, with an added wit that adds humour to the thriller.  There is a lot of attention to detail, in Jane’s observations and in the plot as a whole, that adds colour and life to the plot; you can almost see and smell New York in all its glory.

Whilst Jane Larson is the main protagonist, their is a supporting cast of colourful and memorable characters.  Francine, is the friend and colleague who gets Jane to take on the case, and throughout her character develops and we see she is not all she seems.  Of course there has to be a love interest and for Jane it is the tall, dark and handsome Bryan, her knight in shining armour who comes to her aid.  Obviously there are many unsavoury characters, shady lawyers, conniving ex wives, and an ex partner who may be tangled up in this web of murder and deceit.

I thoroughly enjoyed Weave A Murderous Web, it had me gripped from the first page with it’s smoke and mirrors plot, fabulous chapters and wonderful heroine.  I am really looking forward to the next book in the Jane Larson series.













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