Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas published 11 August 2016

Frankie and Sophie have been best friends since they were 7. In 1997, aged 21, Sophie goes missing after a night out. The only clue as to what happened is one of her trainers at the end of the Old Pier. It is presumed that she fell into the sea and drowned.
18yrs later in 2015 Franke gets a call from Sophie’s brother, Daniel, to tell her that some human remains have been washed up and that the police believe they are Sophie’s. Daniel asks Fankie to come back to her childhood home of Oldcliff and help him find out what really happened to Sophie that night. Fankie is reluctant to go back but goes out of loyalty to Daniel and Sophie. But finding the truth is not that easy. Old ghosts return to haunt her and she begins to question who she can trust.
This is a brilliant psychological thriller, with a compelling plot with a lot of twists and turns throughout. The narrators are Frankie, in the present, and Sophie, through her diary, in the summer of 1997. Sophie’s diary take us through the summer of 1997 up until the night she went missing. Going between the two narratives you see the main protagonists from the different view points of both Sophie and Frankie and their different outlooks in that tragic summer.
I won’t give the ending away but the final twist is brilliant, I certainly didn’t see it coming. I highly recommend this book, but make sure you have no plans as you won’t be able to put it down. It’s well worth my five star rating.

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