The Chocolate Lovers’ Club by Carole Matthews published 21 April 2016

Lucy, Chantal, Autumn and Nadia, The Chocolate Lovers’ Club, are back in the fourth book of the series.
Lucy is busy planning her wedding to Aiden ‘Crush’ Holby but it has to be on a budget. She is also missing working at Chocolate Heaven, now owned by ex boyfriend Marcus.
Chantal’s divorce is nearly finalised and she is embarking on a new realatonship with Jacob. After some unexpected news, Chantal has to re-evaluate her life.
Autumn’s future is looking bright. She is finally going to meet Willow, the daughter she gave up for adoption 15 years ago and her relationship with Miles is going very well.
Nadia has some big decisions to make after falling in love with James, a farmer who she met at Christmas whilst in the Lake District. Should she follow her heart or stay with her friends in London.
All four have big decisions to make, but they have each other for support. This is a book about love, relationships but most of all the importance of friends.
Returning to The Chocolate Lover’s Club is like putting on your favourite pyjamas; familiar, comfortable, reassuring and most of all happy. This is the fourth book in the series, and I think it is the best. I love the way the characters have developed and matured over the course of the boooks. This book sees them all at a similar crossroads in their life, all are considering marriage and considering their long term future, even if that means moving away.
This book made me laugh and cry in equal measure. By the last chapter I had tears rolling down my face, in happiness and sadness. I really hope this is not the last book about these four wonderful women, I would love to know what happens next.
What can I say, this is an excellent read and I highly recommend this book and the previous three in the series. Thank you Carole Matthews for another brilliant book.

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