The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillian published 25 August 2016

Zoe Maisey is a child prodigy on the piano. But three years earlier she killed three teenagers. Now, after serving her time in a Unit she is home with her Second Chance Family; her mum, stepdad Chris, stepbrother Lucas and baby sister Grace. But her new perfect life is set to fall apart after a piano recital. By midnight her new family will learn of her past and her mum will be dead.
This is a well written tense psychological drama. There is a small but intense set of protagonists who all have their own secrets and flawed personalities. The narrators are Zoe, Tessa, her aunt, Richard her uncle, and Sam, her old lawyer and the lover of Tessa. These very different voices give different views on what’s happening making the narrative multi-layered.
The plot is full of suspense and intrigue and is well paced to build up the finale. There is also a theme of morality that runs through the book that raises questions about people’s actions both past and present.
This is a good read that will grab and keep your attention until the end.

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